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Guide How to Run Domain Redirects with RichAds

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Staff Member
Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
If you watched last week's webinar from RichAds (great job with it, @RichAds), you may have heard them talk about running domain redirects. You may have also seen me in the live chat talking about how I have been running their redirects for awhile now :D

I have a long successful history with domain redirect traffic so when RichAds added it, I decided to test. But, it's not straightforward how to actually setup the campaign to buy that traffic on their platform...

and they may change this soon, but for now, here is how you do it.

How to Run Domain Redirects with RichAds (HINT: it's under Pops)​

1. Click the blue Start button under the Pops campaign type (or click here).
2. Enter your basic campaign information on the form shown.
3. Click on Sources at the bottom of the page.
4. Click the category for the lists (Premium, Standard, etc) to remove all Sources and then manually click the ones with the green dot:

Or, you can click the Input values manually link at the top right and copy/paste this list of Sources:


That's it! RichAds recommends starting with their Recommended CPM bid for domains. I've had to increase my bid in most cases, but overall, the traffic seems pretty good ๐Ÿ‘

If you are not already working with RichAds, make sure to use our promo code (AFFLIFT) so you get a 12% bonus on your first deposit ๐Ÿš€
@Luke thank you for the thread!

Everyone can see our last webinar via this link:

Domain redirect traffic is definitely worth testing as according to our statistics it shows x10 higher performance than pop traffic does :cool: