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Guide How to Calculate Clickloss/Click Loss Percentage on Zone/Source Level?



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Nov 8, 2019
If you run PPV traffic, then you might have already faced clickloss issues in the past. Clickloss is basically a discrepancy between the amount of traffic you paid for and what you received. Lord @Nick explains it in-depth in his guide here: The Ultimate Guide to Clickloss.

So, I was recently trying out a new traffic source and Clickloss% was so bad (around 40%). So for every $100 worth of traffic I purchased, I was getting only $60 worth of traffic. That's bad. So I had to block zones with a very percentage of clickloss for me to be able to continue the campaigns on this traffic source. So here's how I exactly did it using Excel (you can use Google Sheets too):

Step 1:

Download the zones/sources data of your campaign from your tracker as well as your traffic source.

Step 2:

Organize the data from your tracker and your traffic source like this:


The first 2 columns are the data from Voluum (my tracker) and the last 2 columns are data from my traffic source.

Step 3:

Because the list of zones from my traffic source's report is not in the same order of my tracker's
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