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How much spend before pausing



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Feb 3, 2019
Hi forum,

I'm just starting with affiliate marketing but I do have some PPC knowledge, have been in the industry for around 7 years.

Running my own Google/Bing ads account is different than a clients one definitely, too much emotions involved :D

However I decided to start with affiliate marketing 7 days ago. For now I'm running 2 offers from Clickbank both Supplements and I already got my first sale last friday and properly celebrated that with couple of glasses of whiskey :D. I'm running only Bing ads for now direct traffic. The plan is to build squeeze pages to get emails probably this will be done this week and also will check Googles policies if I would be able to run these same products there.

I found couple of videos on YT about tracking and all of them were referring to Clickmagick, so for now I'm using for tracking although I found videos for Bemob and with my approach now and probably in the next 2-3 months Bemob seems better economical solution for me and maybe will switch over to that one as the traffic I'm getting is around 20-30 clicks a day.

My question is,
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