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Case Study How much bot traffic can we find in PPV?



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May 9, 2018
Hey guys.
Since bot traffic is something everybody hates but basically we can't avoid at some point I decided to make a case study and see how many bots can we find with popups/popunders and see how much can we reduce it after analyzing data.

I've bee doing this since last year to avoid spending more money on websites that don't really convert and just spend money, or even worse, websites that create fake conversions.

My focus has been lately on Push traffic and there isn't much bot traffic there, so to make it more interesting I'll do it where we all know we can find more bots = PPV.

For this, I'll be using Voluum's anti-fraud detection and obviously a landing page, as I don't want to get kicked off an offer just because I'm direct linking pops with a ton of bots.

Voluum's anti-fraud feature was launched earlier this year and it covers the following types of metrics to filter fraudulent traffic:

The invisible link metric requires a small script that can be added on any landing page and acts as a bait for bots to click (as it can't be clicked by
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