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May 7, 2018
I’m not sure how interesting this post is going to be for most of the people here, but I thought it could maybe be interesting for at least someone to get a glimpse of how I keep my offers organized.

As far as I’m aware, most people don’t really keep a record of anything about their offers. They simply copy/paste the offer URL from their affiliate network to their tracker, and that’s about it. It can work just fine if you’re just running traffic directly to offers, but once you’re remarketing to the same users through your own backend promotional channels, it can get very confusing very fast.

This is what I do if I’m focused on a single vertical/niche, especially if I’m not only running offers on the front end (from a landing page), but also on the backend through channels like email, sms, push, etc.:

Make an Offers Spreadsheet​

Creative right?

I know what you’re thinking… “I don’t need a spreadsheet to keep track of my offers”. Maybe you’re right, but let me explain why I personally find it very useful, and you might change your mind.

As an example, let me try to keep this as simple as possible.
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