How Do Affiliates Use Push Notifications and Pop Ads to Promote Gambling Offers in 2024? Analyzing the Best Ad Creatives and Landing Pages



Jun 7, 2022
Every day, there are many case studies that come out, and if any of them involve push notifications, it's actually a good thing. For a while now, people have been ignoring or underestimating push notifications and pop ads, but they are still effective and relevant. In this article, we will objectively look at whether it's viable to redirect traffic from advertising networks using these methods.

A brief overview of push and pop traffic​

The main reason why affiliates redirect traffic to pop ads and push notifications is because they are affordable. For example, in MyBid, the cost per click in Tier 1 countries starts at $0.000169. This means that with just $1, you can get 5917 clicks on your ad.


However, it's important to note that push notifications and pop ads have lower audience engagement and less precise targeting compared to platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. As a result, the conversion rates are not as high as we would like them to be. So, the key to success when working with this kind of traffic is creating compelling landing pages before the actual destination and optimizing them.

Are others using these methods?​

By using spy services and looking at
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