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Help Please - Affiliate Marketing

Jan 19, 2023
Hi All,

How is everyone doing? Hope everyone is well on their end. My name is Dilshad and I live in Virginia. I am newbie in Affiliate Marketing. Been taking training from Profit Singularity - Ultra Edition. So far, been doing 2 niches one in Diabetes and another in Weight loss. So far I've learned a lot in Affiliate Marketing. I know now how to read Google AD data for impressions, View Rate, CPC etc. I been using ClickMagick, Google AD, and Affiliate Networks.

So I been split testing as well but it seems like that my conversion is usually either 1 or 2 and that's it. I've modified my Lander Page using CANVA, I've modified my Video AD by changing scenes, text writing / color, modifying script, I mean I feel I tried everything but it seems my conversion is always in 1 or 2 range which I am not disappointed because regardless I am new anyways and I've learned a lot and now I can keep notes of all the things which I've learned in regards to this. So, basically from my Affiliate family here wanted to know your guys experience, what would you do differently, any tips,
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