Hello from New York


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Apr 21, 2020

I'm excited to introduce myself and complete my account before I keep posting content.

Some hobbies of mine are exercising, playing sports, and doing online business.

I’ve known about affiliate marketing since I was 15 when my father introduced it to me.

"You're pretty tech-savvy and you're hungry," he says to me.

He’s not the best with tech. However, he had seen a lot of people of all ages earning money online, and especially with affiliate marketing. He also saw I was a driven person. Guess he decided he was better off getting me to be successful with it than himself. Parents right?

When he told me about it I had dabbled with it by watching videos and reading content for a few years but that was about it. I even must've come across affLIFT because I had this account from 2020. But in Nov 2022 I created another account when I officially started posting on this forum. I’ll see if I can find that other account and link it.

When I was 17, one day on YouTube I was recommended a video titled something like: ’How I Earn $20,000+ per month at 20-years-old dropshipping’

If I remember correctly,
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