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Hello from Italy


Jan 16, 2023
Hello everyone, I have been in this business for 15 years now, in these years many things have happened and many more or less profitable methods have changed over time. I started with SEO and personal website, then moved on to Social of Fb, instagram, whatsapp etc etc.
In practice, in these years I have seen them all in this world, my colleague and I also managed to make 20k-30k in one day in the old days of glory but now we are a bit in crisis.
I registered on the forum a few months ago and I read almost all of them, until now I had never written because in all these years I always stayed in the shadows.
But maybe to grow it’s time to share. Right now I’m trying to scale for about 6 months by buying traffic from propellerads, zeropark etc etc but this world becomes tougher every day.
My goal is try to make around 300 daily profit but is really hard.

Greetings to everyone from Italy.
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