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Super Contributor

Hey Guys

How about the 1st April Promotion from the generous Goose to the Top exclusive offer

We are sure that everyone is FOR!

So, welcome, the return of the legendary
Sage's Chest
, Landing Page - 4159, CPA: $0.59.
Yeap you heard right! Exactly $0.59! This is not a spoof, but a direct path to success.

Sage's Chest works great with pop / push: Zeropark, Propellerads.
Well, our mediabuying has already tested different approaches via voluumdsp, pop / push.

80% - android
Top brands - Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi

Open the chest and get an instant ransom of $0.59 and CR up to 10%!

The term of the promotion is from April 1 to April 30, 2021.

ATTENTION: to activate this offer, contact your personal manager please!
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Super Contributor
Great news @MrGoose!
Thank you for sharing such interesting statistics. If any AffLift user needs help with our ads or wants advice, optimization, or special whitelisting, you are welcome. Our managers will help you 24/7/365, the average response time is 10 minutes. We are confident that you can achieve even better results with our automated rules and whitelists.


Super Contributor

Dear Publishers!

The Golden Goose team doesn’t stand still and is constantly working to improve the platform.

This time we made a significant and long-awaited improvement.
Now you will be able to see the CAP available to you inside the offer card, which means that you have an important tool for tracking limits.

We also want to remind those who are not yet aware that we now have offer cards in the Publisher's personal account, in which you can see the average conversion rates in the context of Ad Networks and pre-landing pages, as well as the ability to check Banners for this offer.

For example, we have attached a link to offer 4786 https://gg.agency/webmaster/campaign/landings/4786

We are confident that these tools will help you customize your advertising campaigns more precisely and get even more profit.

Best regards, GG Team


Super Contributor

Hello Friends!

We have collected for you the cream of this week in our TOP and GG’s choice: Egiped, Thai, South Africa and Oman!

There’s something to think about and there’s where to test traffic.

Have a nice day and good luck everyone.

#topoffers #GoldenGooseCPA #GoldenGooseAgency #dcbhub