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Voluum DSP

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Voluum DSP
UPDATE: Voluum DSP has shut down.

Managing all your campaigns from multiple native ad providers can be a daunting task. Imagine having to switch from one tab to another when setting up, monitoring, and adjusting your campaigns. This can be made easier if only you can have access to all your native ad traffic providers in one platform.

Thankfully, there is a way. And that is with the help of a name we are all too familiar with in the affiliate marketing industry -- Voluum DSP. This platform is an off-shoot of Voluum, the tracking platform.


Voluum DSP Features

Native Ad Networks Integration
Voluum DSP integrates with some of the most popular native ad traffic sources today, which includes:
  • RevContent
  • Smaato
  • EngageYa
  • MGID
  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Nativo
  • LiveIntent
  • MoPub
  • AdMixer
  • Improve Digital
  • MobFox
  • My 6 Sense
  • PubNative
  • AdThink
The best thing about using Voluum DSP is that you won’t need to sign up with individual ad networks to gain access to their traffic. Just sign-up with Voluum DSP and you can quickly purchase traffic from any of these networks within a single interface.


Worldwide Reach
With its 20+ traffic sources, Voluum DSP receives up to seven million ad requests. Ads are shown to audiences from 200 countries worldwide.

Multiple Native Ad Formats
Your choice of native ad format depends on what’s available for the network you want to purchase traffic from. If the native ad format is available in your network, it’s available within Voluum DSP. The most common formats you can use are:
  • In-feed
  • Web comment feed
  • In-app
  • Recommended Content Widget
Real-time Reporting
When using this platform, there would be no need to purchase a third-party tracker; after all, Voluum is a well-known tracker itself. Voluum DSP makes use of its mother company’s tracking infrastructure, with additional features created solely for the DSP.

Advanced Targeting Options
Aside from being able to target your audience based on location, device type, mobile carrier, and other typical filters, you also have the ability to pinpoint them based on content.

With content targeting, you can display your ads only on webpages that feature specific topics. This is done with the help of Voluum’s deep learning ability.

Retargeting to audiences who have previously gotten in touch with your brand or offer is also possible.


Optimization is one of the most tedious tasks in managing marketing campaigns. Voluum has made this task easier with the help of their auto-optimization technology, which they have developed thanks to their several years of experience in the digital advertising space.

Optimizing your campaigns can be done by activating any of the following choices based on goals:
  1. iCTR - short for impression click-thru rate, this optimizes your campaigns to improve the rate at which you receive ad clicks.
  2. CPV - short for cost per view, this optimizes your campaigns to get the best (cheapest) CPV.
  3. CPC - short for cost per click, this one automatically adjusts your campaigns based on the cheapest CPC.
  4. CPA - short for cost per action or acquisition, this option allows you to optimize based on a CPA goal you set. For best results when using this goal, your campaign must reach at least 100 conversions first.

Voluum DSP Pricing

A minimum of $500 deposit is necessary to run native ads from within this platform. You can manage your ads yourself, but a managed option is also available.

To have access to a managed account, simply deposit a minimum of $1,000, and then discuss your planned monthly ad spend with your account manager.

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Great way to get your feet wet with native ads with super powerful automation and optimization features.

You can't access all of the inventory through the DSP but you get access to dozens of networks with faster approvals and optimization options.

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