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Official FunnelFlux Pro | Trial + 50% off your first month



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Mar 5, 2020
Hey all,

Just throwing up my official FunnelFlux Pro thread here!

You can see more detail over at the marketplace listing here, or can skip straight to the partner page where you can get a 14-day trial and 50% off your first month.

I won't post too much here, but I wanted to use this thread to mention new/cool features we release, as well as the basics of why FF Pro is awesome:
  1. Unlike other trackers, you can build and track virtually any flow. It can be simple lander > offer, or be a complex flow with 30 pages, upsells, downsells, emails followed by autoresponders to different funnels, up to you
  2. We can track LTV across funnels, so you can capture people in an opt-in funnel then later monetise in a funnel for emails, and see the overall LTV from your original paid traffic to the opt-in pages (to understand long-term true ROI)
  3. You can build a single funnel then pump traffic to it from unlimited campaigns and traffic sources. No need to mindlessly duplicate "campaigns" for every country, traffic source, "campaign" etc. We try to make it a lot more automated and dynamic.
  4. We have a
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