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Guide First Impression of Traffic Nomads



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Apr 17, 2018
When my friends at MOBIPIUM (@MOBIPIUM) reached out to me last year that they were launching an ad network, I was immediately interested. MOBIPIUM is a great affiliate network (which is why I used them in the Pops Guide) and they have a great team. So, I figured their ad network would be pretty awesome too.

This is my "first impression" thread of them (I've done a few of these now for other traffic sources I've tested), but I have run a few campaigns previously on Traffic Nomads (@TrafficNomads).

I have run push notifications, but there are a few different ad formats available with a lot of traffic :)

Of course, before you can run any traffic, you'll need to deposit some funds ;)

I was really happy when they added PayPal, but you can also deposit with: wire transfer, credit card, Capitalist, and Paxum. The minimum deposit is $50.

The platform is great. It's very easy to use and the traffic performs pretty well:

Their traffic is broken up into Sources and Zones. The reports are easy to use and fast:

If you're running push or pops, I definitely recommend you check out Traffic Nomads. I need to spend a little more money testing more campaigns to get a better feel for the traffic overall, but I have been happy with what they have so far and I like the platform (which is something I find important).

Are you using Traffic Nomads? I'd be interested to hear what you think ๐Ÿ‘

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