Earn a Million Plus: The Little Known High-Income Occupation of Media Buyer

I downloaded it and read through most of it over the weekend. Pretty good read, gives an interesting perspective on what is required to be a top media buyer.
Amazing :) , (y) Downloaded :)
downloaded! Thanks for this.
Downloaded. Wanted a hard copy. Tried to print it, but it's not allowed. I will have to wait until I can buy it on Amazon. Thanks for the share. The book says "Performance marketing is not the place for niche products". Now I am trying to understand how this concept works in our niche world.
Just finished reading the book. Good read. It provides a high level overview of the various functions of a media buyer but doesn't talk much about strategy. I would recommend it for anyone who's interested in performance marketing or if they're an offer owner who wants to get affiliate.

Thank you for sharing.