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Hi AffLift Members I would like to introduce my Native Spy Tool Anstrex to the fellow members. My name is Hiren Shah and I am the lead developer and founder of this product. I am going to keep this post extremely short and sweet and just highlight how my tool is so unique compared to all other tools out there.
  1. More ad-networks (27 and more coming soon) and countries (64 and counting) than most other tools
  2. We have more ads in our database than any other tool. Almost 15 million ads at the time of writing this post
  3. Landing Page Ripper like you have never seen before. Download Edit Optimize and Deploy (on Amazon) any landing page inside our platform. No need to download the pages on your PC! [COLOR=rgb(251 160 38)]You can create your own customized landing page in less than 5 minutes[/COLOR]
  4. Most Complete Widget ID support. Our Widget-ID support is [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]UNLIMITED[/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(65 168 95)]. [/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(0 0 0)]We don't limit you with widgets only for top 10 publishers or a select few. You will see widgets for thousands of publisher. In addition [/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]We are the only platform with support for AdNow Widget-IDs[/COLOR]
  5. Phenomenal search functionality. We use an actual search engine in the back-end unlike most other tools that use simple database searching which is extremely limited.
  6. Filtering by over 250+ Affiliate Networks and 9 Trackers to quickly find affiliate campaigns on any ad network
  7. Unlimited Alerts: Just specify your interest and we will notify you when a new campaign is launched that meets your specification. This way you can keep an eye on your competition
  8. Landing Page Gallery to quickly find top converting landing pages
  9. Online chat support and 48 hour money back guarantee. If you don't like the product we will give you 100% refund within 2 days. No questions asked.
  10. All for the Unbelievable price of $59.99 per month per user.
>>> GET STARTED TODAY <<< If you still have questions feel free to contact me via Live...
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