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A Word About Copyright Infringement



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May 7, 2018
Also, a lot of what you will see in spy tools is flat-out copyright infringement (use of logos, saying they are X company, etc.).

For a while, many push traffic sources allowed this kind of promotion, but in the last year, most of the bigger traffic sources have stopped allowing it.

Even if your traffic source allows you to infringe on copyrights, you run the risk of getting sued by the company of the logo you're using.

Some companies hire specialized monitoring companies to keep their brand reputation intact. Many times you will probably get a takedown notice (most likely from your hosting provider) before getting sued, but it's not always the case.

There are a few things you can do to avoid copyright infringement suits:
  1. Design your landing page to look like the brand you're trying to imitate (same colors, design, etc.), but don't use any logo on your page at all.
  2. Make a "Survey" logo like what's pictured below. I haven't seen anyone doing this, but I can say in most cases, it will convert better than use the actual company logo (sometimes more than 5x better). The colors have to match the company you're
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