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Guide 10 Free Landing Pages for Collecting Push Subscribers (from TacoLoco) 🔔



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May 2, 2018
When I was testing TacoLoco as a push monetization platform, I noticed that they offer Streams option in their Dashboard.

You can learn more about Streams here, but basically it’s just a landing page hosted on their server which you can use to collect push subs for TacoLoco.

In case you want to use those pages to collect push subs with some other platforms, you would need to download those Streams, remove TacoLoco push code and add your own.

And that’s what I did!

Landing pages​

So here you go - 10 landing pages shared 👇

How to install the push code?​

This really depends from platform to platform. But in most cases, you’ll need to paste your push code between these tags:


For example, if you want to use ProPush then you need to place your code like this:


Here is an example for TacoLoco:


And an example for Monetizer:


NOTE: Don’t forget to upload the .sw file you’ll get from each provider to the root folder of your site!

Where to redirect a user after he clicks the allow or deny button?​

You can redirect a user to a


  • 10 Free Push Collection Landing Pages.zip
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