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Guide 📊 PropellerAds Optimizer Script (works with any tracker!)



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May 2, 2018
Now that we have optimizer scripts for BeMob and Skro, maybe it’s time for a new type of script; the one that works with all trackers?

👉 If you are looking for a Skro version of this script, you can find it HERE.
👉 If you are looking for a BeMob version of this script, you can find it HERE.

Thanhtv90 asked me here if I can develop a script that will not require a tracker. While at first I wasn’t sure how someone would use that script, after a few private messages I got the idea.

Not all members use BeMob or Skro, so they might benefit from this script. There are some cases where members didn’t use a tracker at all, and if you set up your postbacks correctly, you can still use this script!

The two scripts that I’ve shared for BeMob and Skro pull campaign data from trackers. This script will pull data from your traffic source (in this case PropellerAds) and optimize based on that data. This might actually be a good idea, as long as you are comfortable with posting back your conversions to your traffic source. Optimizing while using data from traffic source will take click
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