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May 2, 2018
A while ago, I found a landing page on a spy tool that has one extra step - you must share the offer (or any other URL) on WhatsApp before you continue. I thought that might be useful for promoting sweep offers, and now that the new March contest with $2500 in prizes is live, I think it’s a good time to share this script 🙂

You can get some free WhatsApp traffic by using this script!


How to use this script on your landing page

Here is the template that contains the code you’ll need 👇

Copy popup.css , popup.js and tmp01.jpg in the same folder where your main landing page HTML file is.

Then, add this code between your <head> </head> tags to include the required JS and CSS files:

<!--  for popup -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="popup.css"  />
<script src="popup.js"></script>
<!-- /for popup -->

Add this code at the end of your main landing page HTML file add this, just before the </body> tag

<!-- popup HTML -->
<div id="wa_container"   class="wa_container share_page  wa_hidden">
<div id="wa_share_page" class="share_body  share_page wa_hidden">


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