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If you’re looking for a tracker that doesn’t need to be installed on your own server, then you’d need a cloud-based tracking system. Trackwill is one of those.

Established in 2015, this tracker allows you to create, manage, track, and optimize your affiliate campaigns.


Trackwill Features

Manage Campaigns in One Place
With other trackers, you need to check the status of your campaigns, switch tabs to the ad network platform, then search for the campaign, creative, target, etc., that you need to adjust. Trackwill gets rid of all the unnecessary steps; you simply need to identify underperforming aspects of the campaign within Trackwill’s dashboard and execute the needed adjustments here. No need to switch back and forth between browser windows.

Unlimited Custom Domains
You can link an unlimited number of domains to your tracker so that you can avoid disapproval from traffic providers due to the domain name. You can also use different domains for different campaigns, allowing you to segment properly.

Anti-Fraud Protect
This feature helps you identify suspicious traffic. You can block such traffic in just two clicks. This can also be used as evidence when filing for refunds from your traffic provider.

Custom Conversion Tracking
There are already several tokens that can be used for tracking, but if you need to track a different aspect of the click, you can set-up custom tracking tokens.


Ad Network Integration
In order to fully manage your campaigns, you would need to link them to Trackwill. Once done, you can manage and adjust your campaigns without needing to log in to your traffic provider. Trackwill can be integrated with the following ad networks:
  • TrafficForce
  • Reporo
  • Propeller Ads
  • PopCash
  • PopAds
  • PlugRush
  • ClickPapa
  • MGID
  • Juicy Ads
  • Hilltop Ads
  • EZ Mob
  • ExplorAds
  • Ero Advertising
  • Double Pimp
  • ClickAdu
  • ClickAdilla
  • Avazu

Trackwill Pricing Plans

There are three available plans for this tracking solution. If paid on a yearly basis, the user will get a 20% discount. The following are the available plans and their price:
  1. Basic Plan. For $49 per month, the account includes up to one million clicks and 10 million impressions. It also includes basic targeting capabilities and custom conversion tracking. Up to six months’ worth of reports can also be stored.
  2. Pro Plan. For $99 per month, the account accepts four million clicks and 50 million ad impressions. All features are included in this plan, such as the built-in ad server, anti-fraud protect, API integration, advanced targeting, custom conversions, three SSLs, and professional tech support. Up to a year’s worth of reports can be viewed and downloaded at any given time.
  3. Business Plan. This is the biggest plan available and includes all features Trackwill has. It can be accessed by five different users, accepts up to 15 million clicks, and 700 million impressions. This plan also allows you to view reports for up to 18 months back. It is priced at $399 per month.
If your account exceeds the clicks and impressions allowable, overages are charged. The CPC overcharge is three cents per thousand, while the CPM overcharge is $0.004 for every thousand.

To help you understand how to use the platform and how this tracker can be your greatest asset, Trackwill provides a 14-day free trial.

🚀 Trackwill is a part of the affLIFT community! Check out the official Trackwill thread for more information.

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