Together with partners, Converting Team has developed a unique telegram bot CT|Apps.
Converting Team affiliates will now be able to pour traffic through internal applications using a functional bot.

Advantages of using a TG bot from the Converting Team:
✅ Ability to add up to 50 accounts Facebook and TikTok;
✅ Use of internal secure applications;
✅ A simple, fast and convenient way to fill and process traffic;
✅ Automatic creation of Naming&Deeplink;
✅ Test budget for any offer in the system;
✅ Get information about the status of the application. If the application is blocked, the bot will immediately notify you about it so that you can suspend traffic in a timely manner.

How to use the Telegram Bot​

Our affiliates can now use the full functionality of the @ctappsbot bot in Telegram for free. To access the service, you need to get a specially generated key from your affiliate manager.

To begin using the bot, start it with \start. Then enter the access key via \login. After clicking on ‘All apps’, the bot will provide you with a catalogue of apps. In the catalogue, you will see all available apps.

When clicking on any available application, you can see information including application name, status and link to the package. There is also additional data about open GEOs, FB tags and deeplink access.

Once an application has been selected, you can add a Facebook or TikTok account to the bot. By clicking on one of the functions, the bot will offer several options to add adverts in a chosen format. Each web partner will be able to place up to 50 websites into the bot.

Once advertising accounts have been added, they become linked to the selected app. All you have to do is request naming or deeplinks before launching an advertising campaign and drive traffic through the Converting Team internal app.

For the time being, the issuing of deeplinks and naming is done manually by contacting your affiliate manager. Soon, this function will be fully automated for your convenience. Stay tuned for more updates!

Not yet a Converting Team partner? Now’s the time to get started. Apply now to get access to unique gaming, trading and leadgen offers and much, much more!

Details here:

P.s. If you bring your friend during the period of March till May you will get 4% referral from your friend's revenue.
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