In this case study, we (ConvertingTeam) will show you how to start with car loans on Facebook and get to a profitable point.

First of all I need to mention some basics when it comes to whitehat leadgen that seem to be neglected from what I see on spy tools, but are essential to run profitable campaigns in the long run.
  1. have your BMs verified
  2. have your domains verified
  3. do not use redirects
  4. do not take pictures from spy tools
  5. do not copy adcopies from spy tools
All those things help with having long-lasting success with your campaigns and having ad accounts that last for years.

Special Ads Categories​

When setting up your campaigns make sure you have your “Special Ads category” selected. If it is not available in your account it means you have never run ads in that category and you need to activate it.

How to activate the special ads categories?
Launch just one campaign, with one ad in it, use a very obvious ad copy that mentions loan in it so FB knows it is a special ads category and that ad will get rejected with a warning that it seems like an ad for a special ads category. After that the option of the special ads category will appear in your ads manager and you can select it:


Ad Set setup​

When setting up your ad sets use “People Living in this location”. It is sometimes forgotten but buyers need people living in targeted areas, you will save some clicks and money:


When selecting the states to target you can use the “Add Locations in Bulk”, paste your states and then save the list for later.

After pasting the states in text field hit Match Locations:


Next you need to sort the list and then click save for later, make sure you don't leave any states with similar names in the list:


After you're done you will find your saved list after clicking Browse on the map:


Picture and Adcopy​

There are a lot of pictures of cars available on the internet. Selecting a good creative is the key to success. Here are some tips for pictures:
  1. Instagram or websites that sell cars might be a good source of pictures
  2. make sure you don’t steal (from) people - they can find out and get your accounts shut down, be clever and think long term, pictures with ppl dont have to work better!
  3. always send pictures for approval - when advertisers find out you use unapproved pictures, they act fast and without mercy. Discuss with your account manager what you plan to run and they will make sure you stay compliant.
  4. normal looking pictures work better than stock photos


  5. try to add some text to the pictures, FB now allows big text on pictures, take advantage of that
  6. test videos as well and other formats than just a static picture
  7. test creatives special only for IG stories/feed
Simply find tons of pictures of cars and test them. This is a sample/example of pictures of trucks we were testing, we did test around 70 different pictures in total during a period of one week to find 5 working ones:


When testing ad copy and creating ad copy, try to speak to the people. They want to buy cars, there is no hidden trick or scam behind it. They want money to buy a car. State the advantages, learn something about the product you are selling and communicate it to the customer.



The use of emoticons is advised when testing, but it does not bring necessarily better results. However, you should not use emojis that contain numbers of letters, and emojis should not be used to replace words. Try experimenting with using a description as well when compiling your ads, it’s not needed but it is an extra bit of text that can inform:


Always make sure that your wording is correct. Some advertisers allow “accepted” others allow “approved”. Some will be ok with “0 down” others will not allow it. Discuss with your account manager what you plan to run and they will make sure you stay compliant.

Optimizing and testing with results​

You will not always see profitable campaigns, they need time and time and variations to get to the point of profit:


After selecting the working creatives out of the tests:


You will then be able to get to a point where you select the winners and scale them:


That is done by testing and combining multiple variations of pictures, videos and texts. After that you will start seeing better and better numbers, when the pixel learns to find the right audience.


After you get to the profit point, you can start testing interests and other different optimization options FB allows like placement or dayparting to get ROI higher.

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