Do you want to be able to earn from your content? If placing display and contextual ads is not enough, you can always try a different ads format, such as content locking. As the name itself implies, the ad locks your content so that the user will only be able to see it if they complete at least one of the offers.

The best thing about this type of advertising is that the returns are high if you also have a website or app with high-quality content. There are a handful of networks in this industry that focus on content locking ads. One of them is OGAds.

OGAds Review

What is OGAds?

This CPA Network is the self-proclaimed first in line when it comes to mobile content locking. Founded in 2014, OGAds has established its credibility in the affiliate marketing scene as more and more affiliates thrive with content marketing.

As of press time, they have paid more than $25 million to publishers from four million conversions. Their number of publishers has reached more than 42,000. They currently have almost 600 offers in their platform.

To know if this CPA network is for you, here are its features.

OGAds Features

Social Media Friendly

If you are an influencer or if you drive a lot of traffic from social media, you will find that offers in this network can work well for you. These offers work well with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine and more.

Desktop Content Locker

Affiliates need not worry about whether the website content locking ad will cause doubt with the users since there are several content locker themes available. You can choose the one that best matches your website’s design. The ad will look native to the website, allowing your users to trust it completely.

The desktop version of content locker is also fully optimized, so it will immediately display offers that are highly likely to convert based on the user’s attributes such as location, browser, OS and more.

Finally, only one line of code will be used to integrate the content locker ad to your webpage. If you want to outclass content blockers, additional code can be provided to help you maximize your traffic.

Offer Wall/Mobile Rewards

If you want to give rewards or points to your followers or subscribers before they receive something from you, OGAds Offer Wall may work for you. You can easily set-up your own rewards system, and establish the corresponding points or reward the user will receive when they complete an offer.

This is easy to customize and provides you full control for rewarding your users. Plus it has a responsive design, which allows it to look professional whether on a tablet or mobile phone.

Two Types of Conversion Flows

There are two ways for affiliates to earn with OGAds, and those are via Cost per Action and Cost per Install.

1. Cost per Action

When the content is locked, the user will be able to access the page or download by completing at least one of the tasks listed by the locker. Some CPA offers require survey completions and lead submissions, while others require SMS confirmation from the user.

2. Cost per Install

An affiliate earns when the user installs the app or program. However, some offers have additional requirements. For example, the install will be counted once the user does any of the following:
  • Opens the app
  • Creates an account
  • Plays or uses the app or program for at least 30 seconds
  • The user purchases an item.

OGAds Payment and Rewards

The minimum payout for OGAds is $50. Affiliates can withdraw their earnings via PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, and check. Payout frequency is Net-30 but can be reduced to weekly payments once you reach a minimum of $500 a week.

OGAds also have a ranking system for best-performing affiliates, providing them weekly and monthly rewards. Those who cannot penetrate the leaderboard still have a chance to be rewarded through raffle giveaways.

Join OGAds today and let us know in the comments what you think of this interesting affiliate network 👍

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