Hey, it's Adsterra! Today we want to share a mini case from our partner who used our traffic for one of Zeydoo’s offers – a mobile scanner Scanero. You'll learn how the test went, what the ROI was, and if our traffic converted well.

At Adsterra, we consider utilities to be one of the strongest verticals on our platform. Now, let’s dive into the details with this case study from our partner and see it in action!

The offer & expenses​

Scanero is a utility offer that is exclusive to this network.
The scanner app is favored by Android users. It’s a tool that enables them to effortlessly scan physical documents and transform them into digital files that can be conveniently stored on their phones.

Traffic source: Adsterra
Offer: 9407 Scanero : QR Code Reader
Time period: 30.05 – 28.06
Format: Popunder
OS: Android

Speaking of profit: while this campaign was supposed to be just a test, it's worth noting that the partner achieved a profit straight away thanks to monthly optimizations on Adsterra.

Spending: $1311.20
Revenue: $2102.89
Profit: $791.70
ROI: 60.38%

As others drive big volumes in highly competitive niches with ROI <30%, this network's partners find working bundles with ROI >50% and scale in white niches without any special effort.

On GEOs and Landing pages​

The partner chose to use a static pre-lander that directed users to install the app, which helped speed up the decision-making process and increase the conversion rate.
Two distinct types of landing pages were tested, namely Light and Dark.


The partner ultimately retained both landing pages because they both delivered impressive results.

The primary GEOs were BR, ES, VN, SN, MZ, CM, CI, CD, AO, PT, UG.

Traffic launch and scaling​

As soon as traffic started pouring in, blacklists were created, including platforms where it was difficult to break even.
The performance of the campaigns was further improved through implementation of blacklists and tweaking the rates.

See the statistics for the light landing page:

Statistics for the dark landing page:

☝️ Tip! Remember to include conversions that occur later and regularly review the blacklist. In this case, there were a few platforms that demonstrated excellent results later on, and were removed from the blacklist.

Our partner provided another screenshot filtered by GEO:

And date:


The statistics in the screenshots might slightly differ from those in the tracker due to a brief technical hiccup at the time they were captured. As usual, minor data discrepancies can occur.

By the way, even though BR experienced a less-than-ideal outcome due to new platforms, it didn't deter us and we kept it on.
This was later rectified by blacklisting those platforms.

As you can see, the ROI remained remarkably impressive for a white offer that doesn’t risk being banned. With the potential to easily scale your campaign by adding GEOs, the ad network’s exclusive offers make up for a great opportunity for profit.

We want to thank our awesome partner for great work – and it shows that Adsterra's traffic is a solid choice for utilities. Ready to team up with a reliable partner and get those earnings rolling? Let's dive in and start your success story today! 🚀

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