Affiliates often keep their advertising strategies under wraps. While tools and tricks for crafting ad creatives are readily available, only the boldest professionals are willing to unveil their entire strategy. Luckily, we've discovered one such case study. It's akin to a chess game, offering insights into promoting iGaming offers in Portugal, resulting in over $3,000 in pure profit.


I'm Alex, and I'm here to share a story about profiting from the iGaming vertical. Many of you might steer clear of promoting well-established brands that have been around for some time. However, today, we'll debunk this notion about saturated offers. It's worth noting that one renowned brand can house numerous offers, and your task will be to sift through this plethora of opportunities to uncover those lucrative gems.

Before diving in, here's a sneak peek: you'll glean insights from two campaigns outlined below. Thanks to the triumph of the initial campaign, I was able to boost my payouts and consequently enhance the overall efficiency of the promotion.

My approach of choosing iGaming offers

To be frank, I'm an avid iGaming enthusiast. I manage multiple accounts on affiliate CPA platforms, primarily affiliated with globally recognized brands. However, selecting the right offer always involves some research, you know. This time, I delved into the offer selection on 22Bet. My usual approach involves consulting my manager for insights into geographies that are likely to thrive with specific offers. Given my preferred payout of $220 for a deposit, we opted for Portugal. Yet, it wasn't merely a matter of guesswork.

1. Prior to this endeavor, I was well aware of the dynamic nature of the iGaming industry in Portugal. I recall reading that this vertical generated approximately €160 million in revenue last year.

2. To gauge its recognition in Portugal, I turned to SemRUSH for insights—and indeed, the product resonates strongly in the region.

So let's look at the first campaign.

Summary of my first campaign

  • Traffic type: CPM mobile Popunder traffic by Adsterra
  • CPA network: 22Bet
  • Offer payout: $220 per deposit
  • GEO: Portugal
  • Spent: $1,839
  • Revenue: $5,060
  • Profit: $3,221
  • ROI: 175.15%

My approach to acquiring traffic

I opted to continue with Pop traffic due to my favorable experience with it in conjunction with iGaming offers. As for the landing page, I utilized the website's main page, which already features the registration form.

case 1.jpg

You might wonder about using prelanders. However, I chose to keep my sales funnel straightforward since the product I'm promoting is already quite established in Portugal. The quicker you direct your traffic to a trustworthy landing page, the better. My advice to you is the same: avoid overcomplicating your sales funnel if you're confident that users are already familiar with the product.

Adsterra remains one of my primary options for securing significant Popunder iGaming traffic. It consistently provides ample traffic for bid experimentation, leading to favorable returns on investment. Additionally, I recognized Adsterra as an excellent platform for mobile traffic, prompting me to focus solely on mobile targeting.

Opting for CPM traffic proves to be the most efficient strategy. Since your target conversion is a deposit, it's crucial to be patient and allow users time to convert. With CPM bidding, testing and optimizing traffic becomes simpler as you have the luxury to wait for users to initiate deposits.

My approach to bidding and tracking

When devising my bidding strategy for any campaign, particularly for an iGaming offer with payouts tied to deposits, I begin by assessing the landscape around me. The most effective method is to consult my manager. Initially, I review the Traffic Estimator rates, which provide recommended bids. Then, I collaborate with my manager to validate this bid. Together, we settled on a $1 CPM payout, considering it the most appropriate payout given the competitive nature of surrounding campaigns.

When using Adsterra, tracking clicks on Pop ads isn't possible, making a reliable tracker essential. I rely on Keitaro, which seamlessly integrates with Adsterra. Simply select Adsterra from the list, and the tracker will provide a comprehensive list of tokens available for tracking purposes.

In my case studies, I typically utilize clickID or ##SUB_ID_SHORT## to track all conversions, alongside ##PLACEMENT_ID## to monitor the performance of specific websites or placements.

Ultimately, I aimed to avoid micromanaging my campaign by constantly checking its progress. Thus, I set a daily spending cap of $150 and launched the campaign without delay.

Testing and optimization phase

Having implemented a placement tracking token earlier, I was able to deactivate sites that didn't yield conversions or were spending excessively. I blacklisted those with expenditures ranging from $6 to $8 and those with poor conversion rates (Adsterra provides blacklist/whitelist option).

For sites exhibiting high conversion rates, I opted to increase the payout to $0.2–0.4 to attract more traffic from these sources. I achieved this by adjusting my campaign using the Adsterra Custom Bid feature. This feature allows you to enter placement IDs and specify a preferred bid, thereby maintaining the general payout while rewarding selected sources with higher rates.

As a result of these optimizations, I obtained 97 registrations over a specific period from 23 deposits.

As part of further campaign optimization, I decided to slightly scale up by incorporating traffic from tablets. However, I made this decision only after confirming the exceptional performance of mobile devices.

Here are the results I was talking about.



After gathering the results, I curated a whitelist and established a distinct campaign with an elevated rate.

Furthermore, I observed that iOS users exhibit a higher player value of $600. Upon discovering this, I engaged in discussion with my manager at Bet22, and we concurred to initiate a separate campaign exclusively targeting iOS users. Following the same procedure as before, I assessed the competitive rates on Adsterra, determined my bid, and launched a campaign targeting "iOS Portugal." To avoid self-competition, I removed iOS traffic from the initial campaign.


Key Insights

In summarizing my initial experience running an iGaming offer in Portugal, I can offer several tips that may proved to be helpful.
  • Prioritize products popular in specific geographic regions.
  • Cultivate a diverse portfolio of reliable traffic sources.
  • Popunder traffic remains effective for iGaming, especially mobile.
  • Enhance communication skills for frequent interactions with affiliate and network managers.
  • Success leads to scalability; negotiate higher payouts with managers, as demonstrated by my increase from $220 to $320 for a deposit.
Discover how I negotiated higher payouts from my CPA network.

Summary of my second campaign

  • Traffic type: Popunder CPM traffic by Adsterra
  • Targeting specifics: iOS only
  • CPA network: 22Bet
  • Offer: $320 per deposit
  • GEO: Portugal
  • Spent: $1,242
  • Revenue: $3,150
  • Profit: $1,638
  • ROI: 153.62%
My strategy
This promotional campaign stemmed from the one outlined earlier. Running an iGaming offer in Portugal with a $220 payout per deposit, I secured 97 registrations through Adsterra mobile Pop traffic. Notably, I discovered that iOS players held greater value for my advertiser.

Upon confirmation from my 22bet manager regarding the substantial player value of Portugal iOS players at $600, I decided to launch a separate advertising campaign exclusively targeting iOS users with increased rates. Given my track record of delivering quality deposits, I requested a payout bump for the offer within this new iOS campaign, successfully negotiating over a $100 increase.

Consequently, I operated a campaign where my advertiser paid me $320 for each deposit—a testament to the effectiveness of skillful negotiation and communication.

It's worth mentioning that I utilized the same landing page as in the previous campaign.


My approach to bidding and tracking

I opted for broad targeting to maximize traffic potential, especially considering the high player value associated with this demographic. With this in mind, I initiated an advertising campaign with increased rates. Previously, the rate stood at $1, so this time, I raised the bid to $1.2. Building on past experiences, I expanded the campaign slightly by including Tablet traffic.

Utilizing my Keitaro account, I identified placements with spending between $7 to $9 and poor conversion rates, subsequently blacklisting them on Adsterra.

The outcome yielded 16 registrations and 9 deposits over a specific period. It's crucial to note that this campaign exclusively targeted iOS users within a single geographic region.


As anticipated, this company's average deposit outperformed other companies within this specific geographic region (IOS_POP_PT).

Key Takeaway

In certain scenarios, creating separate advertising campaigns targeting specific devices or traffic types can be advantageous, provided it doesn't adversely affect your existing campaigns. I successfully implemented this strategy by segregating iOS traffic, which led to an increase in high-value deposits while preventing overpayment for Android users.

The provided screenshot illustrates that the brand I advertised generated over $25k from just 3 deposits!

Affiliates typically guard their strategies closely, hesitant to divulge their tactics to the wider internet. However, the most skilled affiliates manage to share actionable strategies without revealing their proprietary tricks. While directly copying the techniques outlined above may not be suitable for your case study, you can certainly adopt a similar mindset and approach when tackling any offer—whether it's an iGaming campaign, VPN promotion, Sweepstakes offer, or another venture. Your adaptability and proficiency are paramount. Here's to continued profitability with Adsterra!

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