Join affiliate marketing coach KJ Rocker as he unveils a compelling case study. Get ready to delve into his success narrative, showcasing remarkable ROI achieved through Adsterra's abundant traffic and an enticing iGaming offer from Yellana.

Offer name: Play Regal CPL SO
KPI: active users
CAP: 25–30 leads a day
Traffic Source: Adsterra
CPA network: Yellana
Landing page: Direct linking

Quick Overview of the Offer

Before delving into the details of the case, let's take a closer look at the offer that resulted in an exceptionally high ROI for KJ Rocker.

Introduced in 2021, Play Regal is a recently launched international iGaming platform featuring a wide array of engaging live games. Users can seamlessly access the exceptional Play Regal online gaming platform from any device, be it a mobile application, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.


Play Regal has established partnerships with leading online gaming software providers, including Booongo, iSoftBet, Playson, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, Booming Games, and Vivo Gaming, to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to its members.

To ensure a fair gaming environment, Play Regal employs a cryptographically secure and highly reliable random number generator (RNG). This RNG has been extensively tested and proven to consistently generate random results. Regular checks are conducted by internationally recognized auditors within both the online and in-house gaming industries, providing Play Regal members with confidence in the fairness of their gaming experience.


Hello, digital enthusiasts! Today, I'm thrilled to share my experience of achieving an unexpectedly high ROI by acquiring quality traffic from the Adsterra ad network and connecting it with an enticing offer I secured through collaboration with Yellana.

Let me clarify right away: when I initiated this campaign, I never envisioned a staggering 360% ROI. Initially, I didn't bother checking the statistics, assuming the campaign would bring in moderate yet steady earnings using the In-Page Push traffic option.

Additionally, I patiently awaited the approval period before diving into conversions, expecting some rejected leads to factor into the results. However, much to my delight, the campaign received swift approval, leaving me pleasantly surprised.

Exploring the Path to Impressive ROI

I opted to partner with Adsterra for this specific campaign due to its network's ability to generate substantial traffic for iGaming offers.

Adsterra's distinctive advertising layouts, particularly in In-Page Push and Social Bar ad formats, set it apart from other advertising networks and consistently deliver higher click-through rates (CTRs). These unparalleled ad layouts also enhance the appeal of your creative content to the target audience. Having prior experience with Adsterra, I already had an active account with basic settings in place when launching this campaign. If you're a beginner venturing into this for the first time, you can find comprehensive answers to all your questions about how Adsterra operates.

Addressing the Fundamentals

I selected the "Create a campaign" option to initiate and launch my campaign. Subsequently, as illustrated in the screenshot below, I chose the "Mainstream" category for the desired traffic type, selected "All traffic" in the "Connection type" button, and entered the link to my landing page.


As shown in the screenshot provided, I selected France as the GEO, chose CPA as the pricing model, and set the CPA rate at $2 (remember to click "Add" after selecting a GEO). Additionally, I opted for the "In-Page Push" format and chose the "Social Bar" skin with a Facebook creative style.


The subsequent task is to establish your budget. Since this was my initial campaign, I set my test budget at $50, and I advise beginners not to exceed this amount.

If you want your campaign to commence immediately upon approval, simply select the "Start" option below the "After verification" indicator. I chose to keep it inactive, allowing me to manually activate the campaign after receiving approval.


I opted not to specify my targeting options, providing my campaign with a broader exposure to views.

By limiting the frequency cap to one impression every 24 days, my goal was to maximize the number of new views from different visitors rather than repeatedly reaching the same audience. Although this approach may reduce the overall view volume, it ultimately enhances conversion rates. For testing purposes, I set my budget at $50.


With everything set in place, the last step was to launch the campaign offer and monitor the results!

Choosing a Creative

I began with a single creative sample for each ad format and a corresponding landing page. Here are the types of creatives I utilized:



Since I'm not proficient in French, I refrained from selecting additional creatives. Consequently, I didn't allocate more creatives to my campaign and stuck with just these two. This approach allowed me to concentrate more effectively on campaign optimization later on.

Refining Targets Through Channels

Concerning the distribution channels for my campaign, I initiated by targeting various operating systems, including Android, Mac OS, and Windows.


Building on my past experiments, Android 10.0 emerged as the highest generator of high ROI. Consequently, I selected this version, along with other profitable ones for my campaign, excluding options that didn't yield results.

I also observed that a significant portion of visitors accessed the platform through the Chrome web browser. Therefore, I targeted the latest Chrome versions, specifically those not older than 111. This decision proved to yield positive results consistently throughout the day.


Surprisingly, I found that my campaign began generating a high return immediately after deselecting certain operating systems and browsers in the settings. The offer attracted a considerable number of visitors, eliminating the need for additional efforts to make it successful!


Reviewing the Results: Weekly and Daily Statistics

I analyzed my campaign statistics using both weekly and daily data. The results of this examination are as follows:

Daily Results Overview:

  • Over the course of the campaign, Wednesday emerged as the most fruitful day, recording the highest number of clicks (940). Sunday followed closely in second place with 859 clicks, and Friday secured the third spot with 925 clicks.
  • In terms of conversions, Wednesdays witnessed the highest number (19), while Mondays had the lowest, with only a single conversion throughout the day.
  • The conversion rate varied based on the day of the week, with Thursday achieving the peak performance at the highest rate of 1.5%, while Monday ranked at the bottom with only 0.83%.
Hourly Results Overview:
  • Throughout the campaign, the peak number of clicks was observed at 9 AM (451). Following that, the second-highest number of clicks (532) took place at 10 AM, with the third-highest (463) occurring at 11 AM.
  • The highest conversion rate, at 3.73%, was recorded between 1 PM and 2 PM, with the maximum number of conversions reaching 10.
  • Throughout the day, the conversion rate fluctuated, reaching its lowest point (1.98%) at 1 AM and peaking at its highest (3.73%) at 1 PM.
Main Insights

Here are the primary highlights of this advertising campaign.
  • The campaign secured 94 conversions and 4585 clicks.
  • The overall conversion rate achieved a robust 2.05%.
  • Wednesdays and Sundays emerged as standout days, leading in both clicks and conversions.
  • The 9th and 10th hours of the day recorded the highest number of clicks, while the 13th hour boasted the highest conversion rate.
  • The campaign's total revenue reached $1316.
  • Advertising expenditures amounted to $286.10.
  • The net profit stood at $1029.9.

Examine these statistics closely. With Adsterra's abundant traffic, views from my campaign transformed into leads, and I earned $14 from Yellana for each lead generated. Yellana offers personalized payment rates to webmasters who bring in high-quality traffic.


In summary, the collaboration between Adsterra, Yellana, and KJ Rocker resulted in remarkably high ROI. We trust that his success story will inspire you to embark on a CPA marketing journey with Adsterra and Yellana!

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