The thrilling kickoff has arrived! We've merged two captivating topics, interstitials and iGaming, into one fascinating case study that we're excited to show you. Although interstitial ads are a recent addition to Adsterra's ad formats, they've quickly demonstrated their effectiveness. Here, we provide firsthand insights into crafting an advertising campaign and highlight essential considerations for the iGaming vertical.

Just before we start

Initially, let's familiarize ourselves with the product and input data to grasp the requirements for developing an advertising campaign.

Product: BABU88
GEO: Bangladesh
KPI: registration with debit/credit card
Landing page: preland

Babu88 is a versatile platform catering to sports events and online gaming, accessible via both Android and iOS applications as well as through a web browser.


Establishing and Setting Up a Campaign

Prior to initiating and setting up a campaign, it's essential to establish fundamental targeting parameters, including reward size.

Just a quick reminder: Adsterra provides extensive opportunities for crafting diverse campaigns with meticulous settings.

In this case, a campaign example for Interstitial ads was set up with the following parameters:

Pricing type: CPA
Country: Bangladesh
Price: $1.8
Device format: mobile
Traffic type: all
Operating system: Android



To attract the most motivated traffic, the decision was made to employ multiple Interstitial banners alongside a prelander integrated within the link.

A unique aspect of this Social Bar template is that creatives appear atop the page content. Consequently, to proceed with viewing the content, users must either close the ad or engage with it to be directed to the landing page.

By utilizing the Social Bar constructor integrated into the campaign creation interface, banners were designed to align stylistically with the prelander.

The significance of this stylistic resemblance lies in its ability to enhance interactivity and uphold a cohesive visual storyline extending to the landing page.




Interstitial ads example: preland
Also, concerning other instances within the iGaming niche: successful monetization can also be achieved through alternative formats. Our publishers, whom we welcome you to collaborate with, substantiate this with their case studies!

Guidelines for Launching Interstitial Ads

1. Ensure segmentation of your traffic sources based on operating systems. Establish separate campaigns for devices operating on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Reason behind it: this approach enables the creation of tailored templates for each operating system. Secondly, it provides more comprehensive data for analysis from each traffic source.

2. If your landing page, pre-landing page, or creative includes text in the local language, consider adding a language target to your campaign settings.

Reason behind it: by doing so, you'll conceal your advertising from non-targeted users, resulting in a more cost-effective and potentially profitable approach.

3. Ensure a cohesive visual style between the banners utilized and the landing page for consistency.

Reason behind it: elevates trust in your banners and encourages engagement in high-quality activities.

Interstitial ads are now accessible as a sub-format within the original Social Bar unit. Don't hesitate to try it today, so you won't regret not starting earlier tomorrow

Example of Interstitial Ads: Managing Intermediate Data

When setting your campaign live, it's important to analyze the daily statistics, particularly during the first days and weeks. This enables swift identification and deactivation of unprofitable sources (blacklisting), refining targeting to more precise ones.

While diligently working with daily statistics, we identified several sources with unsatisfactory traffic quality.

These targets proved ineffective for this specific Interstitial Ads case study:
  • OS: Android 7.1.1, Android 4.4.4
  • Browser: UCBrowser for Android 13.6, UCBrowser for Android 12.12, Chrome Mobile 68
Week results:


  • CTR = 22.767% (610,500 views и 139,000 clicks)
  • CR = 0.44% (617 conversions);
  • $1110 (total spends);
  • $3085 (gross);
  • $1975 (net profit)
  • ROI 177.9%.
As evident, within a week, the net profit nearly doubled the total expenses. Isn't it a great result? Absolutely! Such results undoubtedly inspire further engagement with Social Bar overall and Interstitial ads specifically.


It's time to bring together all the insights gained from this Interstitial Ads example. Let's refer to this as a checklist for a successful Interstitial case. While there's no absolute guarantee of replicating the same result in every campaign, adhering to these points will bring you closer to the most satisfactory outcome and potentially even yield higher earnings.
  • Before launching the campaign, ensure all potential parameters are determined, leaving no segmentation tasks for later if they can be determined right at this moment. This includes not only the pricing type and reward amount but also aspects such as operating system, device type, GEO, and more.
  • Generate distinct campaigns based on specific parameters to precisely target your audience.
  • Employ various versions of Interstitial Ads templates to enhance your opportunities and facilitate campaign optimization.
  • Ensure consistency in the stylistic elements between the pre-lander and creative formats, as this will be advantageous for your campaign.
  • Align your GEO campaign settings with the local language if utilized. Leveraging the localization trend is crucial in today's landscape, so capitalize on this insight.
  • Analyze... Monitoring success is particularly crucial in the initial days post-launch. This allows for swift reduction of expenditure on irrelevant bits and, correspondingly, an increase in income from successful elements.
Feeling inspired to give it a try? It's understandable, given that this is an excellent, impressive case that vividly illustrates how Interstitial Ads can generate income easily.

You're always welcome to join Adsterra and enjoy all the benefits, just like the 15k advertisers and 35k publishers worldwide already do!

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