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Follow Along ZeroPark Contest (Pops): RON, Keyword, Domain



Super Contributor
Jul 5, 2021
Perfect timing--I was planning on testing ZeroPark next so this contest came at the right time!

In this follow along, my plan is to test 3 types of targeting with ZeroPark: Pops (RON), Keyword, and Domain redirects... because I want to see how each performs (and because I have some fun ideas I want to try out for my first trying pop keyword/domain targeting).

My plan is to start all in just one GEO to minimize variables. I may or may not use the same offer for all 3 campaigns because I'm not yet 100% sure if I'd be able to find relevant keywords/domains for a single offer.

And my long term goal, ideally, is to have ZeroPark become my main go-to traffic source because the volume appears to be there.

NOW -- I've topped up my account with $200 + 10% (afflift coupon).


NEXT -- I'll start with the RON campaign, which I'll post about later.

I'll likely identify the GEO/offers I want to try based on Monetizer's snapshot + Top Offers on GG. I'll likely be using GG as my affiliate network to start in order to take advantage of the daily payouts + prelanders to start
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