"You never know where life takes you" - Not really an affiliate anymore?!



Grand Guru
Dec 14, 2018
Hey, LIFTers!

Never thought I'd become an affiliate... But I've been around for 3.5 years and I'm new to this community but not really new to the industry. So I thought I'd introduce myself "officially" to everyone.

My name is Manu (as you can see in my username - hah! Pros of joining a rather new community, you get your desired username).

I had good timing when starting out and budget wasn't exactly an issue. That helped with aggressively and consistently testing campaigns, then scaling the ones that worked. In less than one month of launching campaigns non-stop, I managed to get to 3 figures per day in profit on mobile display. Yep, those days were good for mobile display! And I was literally launching campaigns every single waking hour!

That said, pops is where I made the bulk of my profits - like most people those days. But things changed a lot, this year especially...

Just like I never imagined I'd become an affiliate, I never thought I'd be starting an email-based daily magazine. Which is what I'm doing now. Back in late April/early May, I launched WHAT THE AFF.

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