Follow Along Using ChatGPT and other AI tools to revive a website


Super Contributor
Aug 24, 2018
Hello from the other side.

Do you remember me? The guy willing to save a native campaign:

An then a good person knowing more than I do, showed me that the campaign could be saved. But I ran out of funds. That was November last year. Maybe I will get back to native when I have sufficient money to risk.

Now, as I cannot stop trying something (with almost no investment), I took an old blog that I had abandoned for years and started using AI tools to populate the blog with articles and see what happens. I started working on this site mid-December 2023. It is an experiment. I don't have much to lose. So, let me explain what I'm doing:

Website: it is a Wordpress blog dedicated to health, disease prevention, and things related to this huge niche. There is the possibility of multiple subniches. I worked native advertising focusing on weight loss, you may remember, and Alpilean as the Clickbank offer.
AI tools: ChatGPT prompts and Koala Writer. For ChatGPT I am using version 4; there are some amazing GPTs I think they can really help. I found one that generates the outline
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