Guide , Can I Use It As a Spytool?



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Apr 9, 2019
I have mentioned urlScan many times, but it it seems that no one Knows that's it Could be very Powerful tool used in intelligence and spying .
and with combining some Free tools with its free subscription only i will try to use all free tools here without any other paid Subscriptions

With "free"
you can :

1- Check offers, and redirects : Check the structure of the landing page and analyze it Completely , Urlscan Scan the page , Domains, and IPs, it eVene take screenshot of the live page, JavaScript global variables, cookies created by the page,
on this step you may face some difficulties if Urlscan is detected and redirected to anthor not the main offer/s
you will need to pass redirection and get the main offerLandingpage/redirection Using any of Link testers For example offeroptimize-Affiltest


i have chosen This offer from maxbounty as test, "don't go directly with mobile offers" 🧐 mobile offers is the hardest to get for now you need to pass any redirection first and then if you are successful you can get what you need from the landing page" will need help of some paid tools :)

Unfortunately with the first scan its forbidden , so i have passe
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