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Sell TOOL: Translate a HTML Page in Seconds



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May 7, 2018
Anyone that has been in the affiliate marketing game for more than a minute knows that when you’re advertising in a foreign country, you must localize your landing pages. If you don’t, chances are that the visitor won’t understand what you want from them and ultimately not convert.

To localize a landing page, affiliates typically have two options:
  1. Find and hire a translator to translate your landing page - The result is an accurate, high-quality translation, but this can be costly and takes time (hours to days).
  2. Copy/paste the landing page text line-by-line into a machine translator - The result is a translated landing page that’s “good enough” to run a profitable campaign. This option is typically free to do but also takes time (10 to 20 min. per landing page).
Machine translation has come a long way in the past few years and can actually give you quite good results. It’s definitely my preferred method to translate a landing page in the early stages of a massive campaign.

The only problem with the machine translation option is that it still takes time. Ten to twenty minutes to translate a basic landing page
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