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Tips for Creating a White Page for Black Hat Offers



Dec 4, 2022
Welcome! Here are some tips on creating the white page for Black Hat offers in order for Facebook, Google or TikTok to approve your ads ASAP without problems.

The content of the white page must:
1. Be connected, even if only slightly, to your ad
2. Contain both images and texts
3. Be uploaded to your own domain, not a popular domain
4. Not contain any external links
5. Not contain any Call to Action buttons
6. Not contain any copyrighted images
7. Not contain any copyrighted videos
8. Include at least one image of your ad within this white page, in order for the bots to match the page faster with the ad

Those are the important things. The following details you can decide for yourself:
• There is no word count requirement, "but that doesn't mean the content should be one line."
• There are no conditions for certain images, "but that does not mean that you can upload violating content."
• There are no requirements for a specific footer or header, "but you should try to make the page as simple as possible."

If you don’t know what to write about
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