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Guide The Types of Clickbank Tracker Integrations



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May 7, 2018
If you decide to run Clickbank offers in your affiliate campaigns, you’re obviously going to need to set up tracking. Surprisingly enough, Clickbank isn’t as straightforward to set up your postback as it is with most other affiliate networks.

Instead of placing your tracker postback URL inside of Clickbank, your tracker actually needs to have a special integration for conversion tracking to work due to many offers having multiple conversion types (sale, upsell, rebill, refund, etc.).

As far as I can tell, most trackers have an integration, and there appears to be two different ways they’re implementing this:
  1. Instant Notification Service (INS)
  2. Clickbank API
In this thread, I will explain how each of them works and why I think one is better than the other.

Instant Notification Service (INS) Clickbank Integration​

With this type of integration, you usually have to generate an INS URL inside your tracker, which differs from your standard postback URL. This URL will usually come with a “secret key” that Clickbank uses to be able to send your conversions to your tracker.

When you get sales, upsells, refunds, etc. this should update the revenue numbers in your tracker.

Most tracker’s
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