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Follow Along SelfAdvertiser + Bemob + Mobipium (October Contest)


Super Contributor
Final Update

After running this campaign for another day since last time, I did not receive any more conversions.
I will be stopping this campaign now, with the following are the results:

Campaign #4 received one conversion.
Cost: $9.62
Revenue: $0.40
Profit: -$9.22
ROI: -95.8%

So I spent a total of $49 for this test.
I got a -95.8% ROI and low traffic even when I increased my bid.

Since the follow along is over, I'll let you in on the offer.
It's for an offer for Jordan, which accepts only Wifi.

Now it's possible that there's just not enough traffic for wifi for Jordan from SA.

But I will still continue to test offers in SA.