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Seeking Advice: Passing Conversion Data & Postback Transfer



Super Contributor
Jan 5, 2021
Hi, 🤗

I'm looking for your insights and experiences on a few key topics. Firstly, I'm considering whether passing conversion data to the traffic source is a good idea. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of this approach.

Additionally, I've noticed features in BeMob campaigns that limit postback transfer, as depicted in the attached pictures. Could you shed some light on the purpose behind these limitations and how they have affected your campaign results if you have used them?

Lastly, Can we set up a lower payout than the actual offer value in this scenario? I'm curious about your observations on this practice and how you handle such cases effectively.

Your valuable insights and advice would be greatly appreciated as I navigate these aspects of affiliate marketing.

Thank you all in advance for your contributions! 😎
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