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Roast my 2nd idea: Job board for the Ad Tech industry



Oct 16, 2021
My idea yesterday didn't gain much traction, so I'm going to try with a new one that I've had for a long time

I hope I'm not being annoying with my thoughts, but come on guys, I'm trying to build a legitimate business after Google decimated my SEO affiliate sites

I'm a firm believer in the Lean Startup method and I'd like to see a slight piece of interest before putting in the work on something that has no market in the first place

So let's go:

Some years ago I worked in a DSP and it amazed me how abstract, different, and somehow complicated the jobs in these companies are compared to any other "normal" job

I joined them as an intern for the AdOps team and it seems to me that they had no choice but to hire interns and train them. Finding senior talent was really complicated in such a new industry where many companies were growing and competing for a small portion of specialized candidates

So, I think it makes sense to build a niche job board where I can collect emails from people working in the industry while companies pay for posting a job and
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