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Follow Along Pushing with MaxBounty iPhone XS Sweeps


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DAY 3!!
Performance didn't go so well.
Revenue: $9.20
Cost: $29.69
Profit: -$11.49

This table represents a 3 day period. From Day 1 to Day 3.

Sacrifices will be made. There are sources and targets that have the most conversions, but resulted low Conversion Rate and a negative profit.

Here is an overview of what I optimized on so far.
-Mobile Traffic only
-Andriod 7.0 and Up
-2 Mobile Carriers only
-Kill Sources and Targets that wastes my money.

Optimizing this campaign:
-There really isn't much to optimize at this point.
-Kill Sources with low Conversion Rate and low EPV rate.
-Kill Targets with low Conversion Rate and low EPV rate.
-Reduce Daily Budget to $20/day.


If this campaign doesn't do well, I'll cut my losses.
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DAY 4:

Time to say goodbye to this campaign.

Revenue: $7.36
Cost: $20.44
Profit: $-13.08

Reasons why this campaign failed:
-Revenue was decreasing each day.
-Push Notification clicks were expensive, $0.08 is the cheapest you can go with Zeropark. There aren't may options to get cheap clicks. I was bidding $0.10 clicks. If the offer payout was $1.84, then I would needed 1 conversions for every 18 clicks to break even. It may be better for me to use PPV since it's cheap traffic.

What I learned:
-Don't be afraid to spend more money on a single campaign. In my older threads, I was being too conservative. March showed me that I should bid a bit higher and use a bit more money to see results.
-Some campaigns work best with Native Push, others Redirects, and others PPV/Popunders. It all matters what strategy you use.
-Optimizing the campaign is very important. It's really important to optimize everything.

A list of what I optimized in my campaign:
-Devices: Only picked Mobile
-Mobile Carriers: 2 Mobile Carriers were converting
-Sources & Targets: 20% of my sources/targets were yielding 80% of my profits
-Andriod OS Version: Started with 5.0, knew realistically that your phone get laggy if you are below that version. Try playing with your old iPhone 4 or your iPad 1 for a day. Later on I only kept it to 7.0 and above
-4 out of 6 creative were converting very well. There wasn't really anything for me to make changes on.

That's pretty much it for me. Just because I stop this campaign doesn't mean I'll stop this offer. I'm seeing nice conversions.

Hope you all enjoy the Follow Along with me!

COMING UP NEXT: Follow Along with me as I use SEO & Youtube to build an Antivirus Review website!
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Bummer. Looking forward to the antivirus review website. Do you have enough offers?


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I think use advertiser's prelander is not good choices, because you are not only one sending the direct link to his offer, so the page speed could be very slow because of many newbies sending a bunch of direct linking.
At least you can download his prelander and put on your own server, so you can add more thing on your page; eg. retargeting pixel, landing page ctr, bot click tester.

I always install the prelander on my VPS, that way I can have 100% control