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Push Ads + PayPer Call Offers?



Super Contributor
Oct 15, 2018
Hey there,

I started time ago with pop ads then switched to email marketing.
Then re-switched to Facebook and Tik Tok mainly.

I own a lead gen agency and we generate leads and calls mainly in the health niche USA.
I would like to give a shot to push to try to generate some calls for my direct clients.
I have not much experience with push, used few times time ago and spent some k with campaigns going at break even.

Do you guys have any info/suggestion on running Pay per call campaigns on push traffic?

Do you know if this can work? And how do you track the conversions (we use ringba)?

I am looking to learn but I would be happy if someone experienced could help me with direct mentoring.
Or better than that we could partner up.

To me there is no point in reinventing the wheel when I know there are good guys here running push all day.

You could use my account and my budget and get a commiission for every billable generated.
Keep in mindi we have no caps (we can generate hundred or thousands calls/day)
You could take 1 or 2
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