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Follow Along PropellerAds + Peerfly w/ BeMob



Nov 23, 2018
So I decided to create a follow along thread, in order to gain some experience from the hints I can obtain while doing it.
I will be driving push notifs to FBS Forex offer (ZA one, as it has good network stats) Max thing I wanna spent on it would be around 20-30$ I guess so that I can get a better picture on driving traffic with push
I took the creatives provided by Peerfly and made a Push looking like this :
The push image reflects the prelander I am using, as I thought that it might make more sense if it the image is shown again upon entering the site
(I am using Peerflys prelander for this- named Alternate Landing Page 5 which has the exact same image upon entering)


I am completely new to push, so I guess it might sucks but oh well.

I went for LOW user activity audience with a CPC bid of 0.02per click.
Targeting all android devices
The estimated traffic guide shows around 6245 clicks upon that targeting which can be seen here:


Its running already for couple of hours
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