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Official Partners.House is a traffic monetization affiliate network with 4 popular advertising formats

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Jul 9, 2023

Greetings, friends!

Partners.House is a traffic monetization affiliate network with 4 popular advertising formats.

This year, we have undergone the most significant update, taking into account all the feedback and suggestions from our partners to create the most convenient conditions for working on the platform. Now, working with Partners.House has become even more functional and efficient.

What's new?

- Brand new, user-friendly design with improved performance.
-︎ New advertising monetization formats: InPage and OnClick.
︎- Enhanced statistics and a new dashboard that has all the essential information.
︎- Multi-code with all customizable settings directly from your dashboard, without the need to update the code.
︎- API for statistics and obtaining the latest domain.
︎- A new traffic-back monetization system.
︎- Payouts in USDT TRC20 with a standard minimum of $50.
︎- Top-performing landing pages in the system.
︎- The ability to disable specific ad categories for your platform.
︎- Two types of looping on landing pages (captcha and redirect).
︎- The option to disable platform-to-feed sales.
︎- Verification for correct service worker file installation.
︎- Extensive settings for InPage and OnClick formats.
︎- A new domain purchasing system and many other small yet impactful improvements.

Additionally, a CPS (subscription buyout) payment model will be launched soon.

Earnings and subscriptions from the old version are displayed in the new one, and the old version is still accessible at https://old.partners.house.

With Partners.House, you will forget about unstable payouts and sanctions from search engines.

Register now and start monetizing your traffic!

We would be happy to hear your feedback and comments in our official Telegram chat: https://t.me/publisher_push_house

Registration: https://partners.house/

The ads have been set up. The landings have been tested. Now it's all about the traffic!

Partners.House announces the New Year's race! 🚦

Who can participate?

Participation in the race is open to all platform users, and you can join now!

What to do?

The main goal of the race is to increase revenue from new subscriptions. The more subscriptions are driven, the higher your earnings will be and the chances to win a prize. All results will be displayed on the leaderboard, and the TOP-10 participants with the highest earnings will be awarded at the finish line.

What are the prizes?

The prizes for the race winners are truly impressive. Among the prizes are iPhone 15 Pro 256gb, Playstation 5, Steam Deck, Apple Watch S9, Nintendo Switch, and much more.

When are the results?

The race will start on December 25th, and the results will be announced on January 25th, 2024. You have a whole month to maximize your earnings and secure your place on the leaderboard. For more details about the race conditions and prizes, please visit this link.

Start today and claim your prize!

Still have questions?

Feel free to ask our managers:
https://t.me/Leo31PH | https://t.me/Robert_ph
or in the Telegram chat.
Last edited by a moderator:
I participated but the support isn't responsive, probably due to the holidays.
I participated but the support isn't responsive, probably due to the holidays.
Yeah, I am sure everyone will be playing catch up over the next week. (as I am right now)
I participated but the support isn't responsive, probably due to the holidays.
Hello. The competition is not over yet, it ends on January 25th.
Yes, we had New Year's holidays and support was delayed.
From January 9, I will answer you quickly.

The participants have reached the finish line, which means it's time to announce the winners of the race. We remind you that the first 10 winners on the leaderboard will receive exclusive prizes: iPhone 15 Pro 256GB, Playstation 5, Steam Deck, Apple Watch S9, Nintendo Switch, and much more.

Congratulations to the participants who made it to the TOP-10 : https://win.partners.house/

Your achievements deserve special attention and recognition. If your ID is among the top ten leaders, please contact our manager, and we will tell you how to claim your reward!

We thank every participant in the race for the interest and belief in your own abilities. Your participation made the race truly exciting! We appreciate your trust and promise even more captivating contests and thrilling giveaways in 2024!

Best regards,
Partners.House team!
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Extra monetization in Partners.House

Do you want to earn 40% more from your total profit? Then our new update is exactly what you need!

We are pleased to introduce you to a new feature that will change the way you think about traffic monetization - Extra Monetization from Partners.House.

Extra Monetization is a feature that allows you to collect and monetize traffic from your landing page by integrating effective Partners.House advertising formats (InPage, Web Push and OnClick).

Extra Monetization is suitable for everyone, regardless of experience and budget. Just add the code Partners.House to your landing page and start earning up to 40% more now.

Read our detailed guides to learn how to enable Extra monetization on your landing page using Binom or Keitaro trackers: https://partners.house/extra-monetization/

Best wishes,
Partners.House team!

Dear Partners.House users,

On behalf of our team, we want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! May your work be productive and successful, your projects stable, and everything in your life, be it your home, job, family, or hobbies, be truly beloved.

We appreciate your choosing Partners.House, and we're committed to providing you with quality service and support. Thank you for your trust, collaboration, and long-term partnership.

Best wishes,
The Partners.House Team

2-Click Push is a unique advertising format that allows collecting push subscriptions on websites facing issues with file manager access or operating without SSL protocol

The distinctive feature of this format lies in the two-step subscription process for push notifications:

1. Users receive the first subscription offer in the form of a banner on your web resource.
2. Upon clicking on the banner, the system redirects traffic to a specially chosen landing page, aligned with your site's theme, where the user confirms the subscription once again.

To initiate subscription collection using 2-Click Push, utilize the internal builder in Partners.House: choose a ready-made template or create your own. Make use of effective advertising formats to monetize traffic from your platform with Partners.House!