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Follow Along PA #10k Unusual follow along for a service offer

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Aug 29, 2019
🎯 Traffic Source: Propeller Ads Pop/Push
πŸ”§ Tracking Tool: Binom
πŸ‘ Type of Offer: Service, Conversion with CC.
πŸ† I believe this campaign will be successful: Not really sure even I will get a conversion. Lets see what happens.

Hey guys,

For the most people here running T1 is kinda hard in terms of budget and conversion flows. Simple PIN Submits are the way to go without many headaches. That was also for me for a long time and still applies to me.

However, it is time to break the chains and see if I can survive in the ocean (Hope I can :ROFLMAO:)

One of the advantages of running in English speaking geos is that you can freely use your own marketing/copywriting skills to the full extent. Non english speaking geos are hard to achieve that alhough not impossible.

Most of the "PIN Submit" campaigns I have run so far and still have no use for the user and do not have a marketing involved. But this campaign may be different.

For this type of offer, SEO, SEM, Social and maybe native would be the better. Lets see if I can do it with Push. To avoid budget waste,
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