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New IVR/Click2Call landers!

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Feb 6, 2020
Hi Everyone,

First of all, HNY! we hope everyone stays safe and healthy! ❤️

We got some questions lately regarding our in-house IVR/Click2Call and its landers. As most of you know we already give you the option to choose between 18 pre-landers when selecting our IVR campaign (and of course, you can also run this with your own pre-landers). However, lately we've also been adding multiple options between landers. As if now there are 6 versions to choose from, and these are the offer ID's:

128305 - Multi GEO - Sweepstake (smartlink) Lander 1
136266 - Multi GEO - Sweepstake (smartlink) Lander 2
136267 - Multi GEO - Sweepstake (smartlink) Lander 3
136268 - Multi GEO - Sweepstake (smartlink) Lander 4
136269 - Multi GEO - Sweepstake (smartlink) Lander 5
138510 - Multi GEO - Sweepstake (smartlink) Lander 6

Some of the top geo's currently:

Argentina - Personal - Android
Kyrgyzstan - All + Wifi - Android & IOS
Cuba - ETECSA - Android & IOS
Nigeria - All + Wifi - Android & IOS
Morocco - All + Wifi - Android & IOS
Ghana - All + Wifi - Android & IOS
Cote d'Ivoire - All + Wifi (especially
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