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Oct 10, 2023
LeadsMarket is an Affiliate Network that has been operating in the US and UK since 2011. LeadsMarket’s core focus is in the consumer financial vertical where its Affiliate Marketplace offers: (1) payday and installment loans, (2) personal loans, and (3) car title loans.

LeadsMarket stands out from its competitors due to its LeadBrain software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize campaigns and maximize profitability for affiliates.

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What is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

CPA (or Cost Per Action) Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing strategy that allows Advertisers to promote their goods or services to a wider audience and sell more without having to make huge upfront investments in marketing and advertising, and where Affiliates get paid for specific actions. Advertisers pay Affiliates for their performance versus, for example, paying up front for a billboard regardless of how well it performs. Actions that generate revenue for the Affiliate generally include getting a consumer to:
  1. fill out a lead form
  2. register for a service or subscription
  3. make a purchase
  4. download an app or other software.
In the consumer finance space, filling out a lead form is usually the action Advertisers are willing to pay
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