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Official LandingTrack - Auto-Optimization + Tracking system


Hello to all Afflift Members and thank you @Luke for all the amazing work you have done so far with the forum. Track + Autoptimizing Platform . LandingTrack is not just a Tracking System it is an advance Automated tool for Media Buying. We are not talking about basic Templates as integrations instead we talk about Real Integrations with DSP that will make you control the whole activity from LandingTrack . Covering the following Ad Formats: Native Push Banner Pop & Redirect (zero-click).

Top Features:
  • API DSP Automated and Track all our integrated DSP - PropellerAds - ExoClick - Zeropark - TONIC - TrafficStarts - PopCash - SelfAdvertiser - RUNative - PopAds - PlugRush - RTX Platform - Yeesshh - Active Revenue - AdMaven - EzMob - ExplorAds - AdRight - (And more coming soon) .
  • What automation can do for you?
    • Activate & Pause existing campaigns Manually or automatically
    • Block & Unblock non converting subids/targest/zoneids etc... Manually or Automatically
    • Set up a timeframe for your campaign
    • Set up your daily or global budgets.
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