Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Nick Lenihan

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Apr 17, 2018
Over the past few years, I've done 4 interviews here on affLIFT with friends of mine that I consider "Pro Affiliates" or what some might call Super Affiliates.

I like to do these interviews because it gives me an opportunity to ask these guys questions that we're all wondering and usually we can learn a thing or two. After-all, these guys are all doing what we all dream about! 😃

My interview today is with my friend Nick Lenihan. @Nick joined affLIFT about a week after launch and has been a huge contributor since. He was one of the first people I hired as a Community Leader. He's had a big impact on our community and is one of the top affiliates in the industry right now so I was happy to be able to "pick his brain" for a few minutes 🧠


Interview with Nick Lenihan​

Let's get right to it and ask the question most people want to know!

👍 How much is the most you have made in a single day with affiliate marketing?

I'm not much of a guy to gloat about how much I make with affiliate marketing; it's just not
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