"I Got 200 Clicks, But Received 0 Conversions" — Analysis of a Push Notifications Case Study



Jun 7, 2022
Today, the MyBid team will analyze a case study involving push notifications. In this case, an affiliate marketer who had experience in affiliate marketing and had worked with various advertisements and advertising formats decided to try push notifications. However, despite receiving 200 clicks, he did not generate any conversions.


The experts from the MyBid advertising network examined this case study to highlight the mistakes made by the affiliate marketer and provide insights on how to avoid similar pitfalls.

Key points from the case study​

The case study involved promoting a lottery offer where participants could contribute between £1 to £10 for a chance to win £180 million. The advertiser offered a payout of £12 for the first deposit and promised a conversion rate of up to 6%.

The affiliate calculated that even in the worst-case scenario, he would pay £0.05 per click and earn around £0.30. He launched an advertising campaign, received 200 clicks, but failed to generate any leads. After this setback, he stopped the campaign and was left wondering what went wrong. Theoretically, this campaign should have been highly profitable, but something went wrong.

Why the campaign failed according to the forum audience​

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