Guide How to start in CPA marketing with Push traffic



Super Contributor
Aug 13, 2019


This is the easiest course about CPA marketing using Push traffic! And it’s available absolutely for free!

This tutorial contains all the information you need to easily launch your Push campaigns for the most popular arbitrage verticals!

● The course is specifically designed as an introduction to CPA marketing using Push traffic.

● Suitable even for complete beginners!

Everything is explained simply and clearly, without any excessive jargon.

● Practice is key!

The course is written in the practical style, accompanied by detailed information about all the ins and outs of the workflow and live examples.

● Created by and for affiliates.

The course was created by the media buying team of Push.House, CPA.House, Spy.House.

What will you learn?​

-> What is Push traffic and how to work with it.

-> What verticals are suitable for Push traffic.

-> How to create a good creative for the Push format.

-> How to use the Spy service correctly.

-> Split testing of creatives and campaigns.

-> How to quickly gain profit.

What are push notifications, and how do they work?​

A push notification is a short message in an app, browser, or notification shade on phones that pops up for subscribed users. Push notifications usually
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