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How to monetize your Social Traffic with Push Subscriptions?



Super Contributor
Aug 1, 2019
Social traffic refers to traffic that comes to your website or landing page from social media platforms. And it’s not us who’s going to explain to you why social media traffic is a fruitful environment to get more leads - The global digital population grows, so does the amount of social media users.

So how can you use ProPush to monetize social media traffic?

Social media traffic has some peculiarities - a necessity to set things smartly before you start and make sure to plan your flow correctly.

So here’s what you should know before you start:
  • You cannot send an opt-in request for push notifications via Facebook browser or WhatsUp;
  • You need to transfer your users from Facebook browser or other social platform to Chrome browser;
  • You need a pre-lander as a pad between Facebook and your landing/website.
Basically, after your user gets to the offer page, everything happens as usual - just the same as with any other traffic type. Visitors receive an opt-in request, decide whether they want to get notifications, and continue interacting with your offer with no obstacles. And you, as always, get
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