How to Make a Non-Profitable Bundle Work?



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Aug 1, 2019
A successful bundle is a sure way to profit. Whenever you find yours, you will definitely stick to it and continue monetizing your offer in the best possible way.

A bundle - is a combination: traffic source + platform + OS + GEO, and more. The trick is that even if you found a perfect OS + GEO, it doesn’t mean that a chosen traffic source works best for it. This is what makes finding an efficient bundle complicated.

Each affiliate marketer should come up with his ideal bundle by practical consideration - experiments and meaningful data analysis can help you with that. If your bundle brings you profit and your ROI satisfies you - congratulations, you have found the best one. If not - don’t give up. And ProPush can help you improve the situation.

What to do?

A lot of affiliates ask if ProPush can fix the situation with a non-successful bundle. As we mentioned, finding a bundle that works for you is a matter of:
  • Meaningful testing. A/B testing is your ultimate way to define what works for your offer and what - doesn’t.

  • Experiments. Sometimes, even a minor change can turn the whole picture upside down. Landing page language, the location of the CTA button and other small things can change your red numbers to green.

  • Research. Read case studies, check forums, and learn from what other affiliates do. It doesn’t mean that you should literally replicate cases - just try to find the logic behind them and apply efficient principles to your campaign.

How can ProPush help?

We’ll be honest - ProPush cannot give you the right bundle. But since testing is the best way to find one, you can stick to ProPush to partly cover your testing budget. This way, your long way to success will be much more pleasant - you will definitely lose less money and feel more freedom when experimenting.

Additional monetization with push subscriptions

ProPush Tag is for those who have landing pages/websites and want to get more money from visitors. Install the Tag to your page/site and users will see the push notifications opt-in window.


TrafficBack can help you monetize any users, even if you get irrelevant traffic for some reason (say, your targeting settings were not precise enough). There are numerous scenarios of getting money from this feature, say, a user presses the Back button and leaves your site, blocks the opt-in request, or comes from an unsupported platform, like iOS, where push subscriptions don’t work.

In general, additional monetization with ProPush can help you get up to 20-30% more to your current income, which can help you cover your testing expenses. So, test, search, and find the best bundles for your offers, while ProPush will take care of your wallet!

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I know that for me personally, ProPush has helped tremendously in getting my campaigns profitable. Like you said, it won't succeed in getting every single campaign profitable, but including it in my triple threat has most definitely helped.

I've never made much off the trafficback links but I should probably test that more. I've tested using it in the back button for BackUnder but was discouraged by the results. ProPush push sub revenue though typically is a nice percentage of my overall profit :)